Physician recruitment is as competitive as ever. Statistics indicate the future holds a smaller amount of physicians which makes recruitment now more important than ever. To help with your efforts, we’ve compiled a small list of tips.

Upgrade your strategies:
Cold calling is typically is not worth the time and cost. Upgrade your recruiting strategies to sending emails. Emailing will also you to develop an email database of interested physicians by tracking click through and open rates. To make your email campaign even more effective, make sure it is mobile friendly!

Utilize social media:
If your practice has a Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, make sure to post your open positions on those websites. In addition, create a Careers section on your website and post positions there as well. If possible, make it easy to share the posting with others.

Be flexible:
Research indicates that physicians are more and more concerned with achieving work-life balance. Practices that are able to be more flexible and accommodate the needs of their physicians typically see a larger applicant pool.

Stand out:
As much as possible, make yourself stand out against other practices. Focus on both your recruit’s professional accolades as well as their personal life. When a recruit makes their first office visit, greet them warmly and make them as comfortable as possible. If a spouse attends, make sure to provide a community visit and find activities that meet their hobbies too.

The overarching idea to take away from these tips, is to be yourself. Brand your emails and social media announcements in a way that your culture shines through. As candidates visit your practice, make sure they experience your practice not only in the best light possible, but in a realistic light. Aim to find a recruit that not only meets your technical needs but will be a good fit with your practice.