The old way of medical billing looked like this: Clinicians, including doctors and nurses, recorded data about provided treatments in a chart. Sometimes these records occurred via computer programs, but often it was by hand. Later, administrative staff converted that information into claims, entering data manually.

Today, mobile charge capture is changing the way revenue cycle works. Mobile charge capture takes the manual processes out of the equation, reducing data entry errors and the time it takes to get from provided service to clean billed claim.

How Can Mobile Charge Captures Benefit Medical Providers and Administrative Staff?

Physician charge capture occurs when the clinician can select billable services within the electronic medical record for the patient. Often, medical providers work on mobile devices, but the same process can be completed via laptops or in-room computers. The data is automatically updated in the patient’s record, which means it can be transferred easily into claims processes.

It’s not just a convenience or time saver. According to Physician’s Practice, in 2014, experts believed mobile charge capture could result in an increase of $25,000 per year in revenue for every provider who implemented it. With even more billing and patient management processes going digital today, those numbers won’t have decreased. Charge capture helps increase revenue by reducing missed charged, mitigating timely filing denials and ensuring claims are billed correctly the first time.

Physician Charge Capture With GE Centricity

Medical software for doctors, such as GE Centricity, makes it easy to integrate mobile charge capture into a practice. ACES Medical offers solutions that work with Centricity software, providing a user-friendly interface that boosts revenue cycle efficiency without infringing upon patient interactions or treatment.

The fact that all information is entered into a HIPAA-compliant EMR solution actually increases the likelihood of patient satisfaction and drastically reduces the chance of privacy violations or paperwork mistakes. In addition to saving money and positively impacting cash flow, some benefits of incorporating the right charge capture solution can include easier transitions of work between staff, better data collection and reporting procedures, and better management of follow-up procedures.