Medical Records


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Ever Wish You Could Automate Medical Records?
Now You Can in GE Centricity Products!
ACES Medical

ACES Medical’s Automated Medical Records Solution automates the process of completing medical record requests whether made by a patient or another provider. Your practice simply needs to document the medical records request in the patient’s chart in GE Centricity. ACES Medical will run reports nightly looking for these notes. Using data from the reports, ACES Medical will compile the patient’s medical records, either in its entirety or only the section requested, and then send the record to requesting party via a HIPAA compliant method as preferred by your practice. If your practice receives patients charts, ACES Medical can automatically file the patient’s chart into your practice’s system without any staff involvement. ACES Medical will let your provider know the documents are in GE Centricity and ready to be reviewed using flags and alerts.

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