According to executives at the World Privacy Form and the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, the price of electronic healthcare records is dropping on the dark web. Currently the cost of a healthcare record on the black market ranges from $20 to $50. Last year, healthcare records sold between $75 to $100. As the price of electronic healthcare records drops, experts expect cybercriminals to launch even more ransomware attacks in order to acquire the same amount of money.

There has also been a change in how healthcare information is sold. Directly after the breach, attackers only sell the general information they’ve stolen. Months later, the full record hits the market. Hackers will sometimes package the healthcare information they’ve stolen with supporting documents such as utility bills or insurance information. These “complete” records can be sold for between $100 and $500. No longer can cybercriminals expect to make a significant amount of money off of single pieces of information.