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Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management is the lifeblood of any medical practice. Getting reimbursed for medical services is a real business challenge and isn’t getting easier. ACES Medical offers premium and innovative consulting services with our Best Practices Revenue Cycle Management program. Our team delivers a custom and personalized approach that helps practices achieve long term success.

Our Best Practices Revenue Cycle Management consulting services include:

  • Working with your practice to conduct a complete and thorough analysis of current workflows as well as production and financial data to determine what your practice is currently doing well and how optional methods could improve your revenue cycle performance.

  • Recommendations of internal policies, workflows, technology, and reporting tools to help with process standardization, improved productivity, and efficiency based on the results of your practice analysis.

  • Customized GE Centricity training programs for existing and new employees.

  • Continuing support and guidance for years to come to help your practice continue optimizing your revenue cycle.



Revenue Cycle Best Practices


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