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Marketing Solution

ACES Medical can help medical practices create and implement an all-inclusive marketing campaign to increase market reach, patient satisfaction, and brand recognition. Together we will determine your marketing goals and then create a strategy and content calendar around those objectives. While each component of our marketing solution mentioned below may at first glance appear to be able to stand alone, it is really the combined use of multiple sources of marketing content that provides a thorough and successful marketing campaign.

The features your personalized marketing campaign can include are:

  • Social Media: The key to a successful social media marketing strategy is active engagement. After setting up your social media sites and creating links between them and your practice website, we will begin actively posting updates to each social media site. Content will be coordinated with your practice administrator and will include information about your products, services, special offers, industry news, community events, and questions/surveys to patients.
  • Social Listening: Social listening is the process of finding and listening to conversations about your practice, physicians, industry, and brand on social media sites as well as public and private websites. We will use a variety of tools to listen for these key conversations and then engage with both current and prospective patients.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A key component of marketing efforts is optimizing the results of search engines. To do this, we will help your website grow a strong relevancy score (or page rank) by utilizing social media website opportunities, creating unique pertinent website, and increasing web traffic through web ads. In addition, we will review your website’s meta descriptions and tags as well as structured data and recommend SEO edits. The outcome will be stronger organic search results.

  • Website Content Creation: A critical aspect of our marketing strategy is creating website content that is both informative and keyword-rich. We can help your practice write new website content that not only provides patients with the information they are seeking but will increase your ranking in search engine results.

  • Google AdWords: We will use Google AdWords to create a stronger web presence which will aid in increasing your patient base and brand awareness. AdWords will allow us to create custom web ads that potential and current patients will see as they search Google with keywords we’ve defined. A click on your web ad will bring the user to the relevant content on your website.

  • Retargeting: The appeal of retargeting is that it reminds users that have visited your site before about your products and services and how you could meet their needs. Retargeting ads can be segmented to the exact pages of your website users have visited, allowing us to provide a custom message and reason for users to revisit your website and participate in your products and services.

  • Video Content: We will work with you to create video content that is placed both on a video sharing website such as YouTube as well as embedded in your practice’s website. Video marketing will let current and prospective patients get a better feel for your practice, physicians, and staff, ultimately resulting in increased brand loyalty. Informative videos will help improve brand recognition and reputation.