Your practice’s telecommunications network should be built and maintained with several things in mind: up-time, redundancy, and cybersecurity. Below are four network tips medical practices of any size can take advantage of:

Utilize a hub and spoke network design with a central core rather than a “daisy chain” of messily connected networks and switches. A cleaner network design will greatly help with troubleshooting to make finding and fixing network issues much easier.

Try to eliminate single points of failure whenever possible. For example, communication lines running from the edge switch to the core network should have two separate runs of fiber cable. The two line of fiber will create increase your practice’s up-time and redundancy.

Always utilize redundant virtual servers so that even if one server goes down, your practice will still be up and running.

Segment your Wi-Fi so that patients can only access the guest Wi-Fi network. (And yes, patients do expect free W-Fi everywhere now). Only authorized users should be able to access the other individual networks.