Machine Learning Anti-Virus

When computers and other sophisticated machines are used which have access to the information found online they could be vulnerable to virus attacks hence anti-virus software developed by Cylance in healthcare is protecting potential damage to these very important systems that are saving lives all around the world.

It is a battle more or less lost as accepted by many which the US firm Cylance in healthcare are trying their best to combat and save all those patients who would otherwise not have access to such a very high diagnosis process which could give doctors the opportunity to treat patients effectively and quickly.

Placing the billions of megabytes of information in jeopardy if machine learning anti-virus strikes would not bode well for the world’s medical fraternity and in fact this is the strength on which Cylance in healthcare are basing their arguments to come out with the necessary ammunition to try to combat the universal problem of machine learning anti-virus before it delivers fatal blows to every information storing facility under the sun.

Machine learning would become an integral part of the medical profession with analytical data on many diagnostic results available online where doctors would be able to feed test results into the system and obtain accurate results enabling them to prescribe the right drugs.

HIPAA Compliance

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which is popularly known in the medical fraternity as HIPAA compliance is mandatory for all companies dealing with and having access to sensitive patient diagnostic data.

The machine learning system once fully operational would need to strictly adhere to this act, whilst they could access and share results and other information pertaining to the procedures they are barred from disclosure of patient information.

HIPAA compliance would be strictly enforced hence any deviation would not be in the best interests of all the parties concerned and there would not be any break in procedure because those within the framework have more to lose than gain by disclosing such information.

Companies with access to such sensitive data need to be certified as HIPAA compliance before they could use it for their diagnostic purposes.

This is going to change the way the doctors would be treating their patients as they would have the opportunity of feeding information they have in hand and obtaining very accurate diagnosis.