Third Party Integration


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    ACES Medical

    Hospital & Lab Data Integration

    ACES Medical can aid in the transfer of data from hospitals and labs by providing connectivity between the hospital, lab, and electronic medical records systems of the outpatient practice. We will manage the transfer of data between these sources by utilizing the HL7 code standard integration between the electronic records systems to ensure correct transfer of data. In essence, we provide the “handshake” between each source of data. The data transmitted typically includes discharge summaries, radiology reports, imaging and lab results, etc. The goal of hospital and lab data integration is to avoid redundancy of data or services, improve patient outcomes, and enhance patient care across the whole medical community.

    Medical Device Integration

    Along with hospital, lab, and HIE data integration, medical practices are now also integrating medical device data directly into their electronic medical record system in real time. Rather than practicing manual data re-entry, medical devices which constantly monitor patient vital statistics will, at the prompt of a caregiver, electronically record data into the patient’s EHR record. ACES Medical will assist you in medical device integration by interfacing all medical equipment to ensure capability and seamless operation with your EHR system. Our hosted EHR options fully integrate with medical devices from Midmark, Welch Allyn, GE, Siemens, and many others. We can also provide training to ensure full understanding and utilization of the technology by your providers and staff. Our goal in aiding with this integration is providing your staff more time for patient care and lessening the burden of completing charts by manual entry.

    Provider Connectivity and Health Interface Exchanges (HIE)

    In addition to hospital and lab data integration, electronic medical records make it possible for providers to share information with each other more accurately and quickly. Currently, some providers must fax patient information back and forth to other providers to share data from a patient’s chart. By utilizing the Continuity of Care Document (CCD) standard, we can help practices replace the fax machine and electronically send discrete data directly into another provider’s EHR and put it directly into the appropriate patient’s chart. Additionally, we can help patients keep personal health records by sending their data directly into their Microsoft Health Vault account.

    ACES Medical can interface directly with local or state HIEs via HL7 and CCD integration. CCD specifies the coding, structure, and semantics of the data across all the data integration points to ensure seamless integration with different EHRs and patient charts. The HIE strives to electronically mobilize patient data within a specific region, community, or hospital system with the goal of providing caregivers the information required to provide patient centered care. The HIE data is also used by public health authorities to make analyses of community health needs. We are able to export data from HIE’s using CCD and input it directly into patient records. We can also discretely import data from your EHR into a local or state HIE for accurate analyses and trend tracking.