IT Services


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CES Medical is able to offer medical practices of all sizes robust IT solutions scaled to meet your unique needs. Our IT services can include any of the following:

Server Solutions:

  • Hosted Offsite Backup: We will maintain a off premises backup, so if for any reason your server crashes, we can have you back running quickly. This protects you from earthquake, fire, theft, failures, crashes, and upgrade issues.
  • Disaster Recovery: Utilizing our cloud technology, we can restore your most critical systems from a disastrous site failure.
  • Computer Security: We can protect your computers and workstations from viruses, malware, and spyware threats.
  • Firewall Installation and Monitoring: We will continuously monitor your network for any security threats and apply patches as needed.
  • Wellness Visits: An IT consultant from ACES Medical will visit your practice to ensure proper utilization of your IT infrastructure, make best practices recommendations, and help troubleshoot as needed.

Cloud Computing:

  • We can help you manage multiple cloud vendors and design a cloud solution that meets your needs.
  • We will integrate the cloud solutions into your business model as well as help your practice move to our cloud technology.

Support Services:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email
  • Microsoft Windows Server Support
  • Microsoft Windows Desktop Support
  • Network Security/Support
  • Linux/Unix Support
  • VMware Support
  • Citrix Hosting & Support

Network Services:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) Support
  • VPN/Remote Access
  • Wireless LAN Support