IT Security Analysis


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    ACES Medical

    ACES Medical has been providing reliable and secure IT solutions to medical practices for over 30 years. As your IT partner, ACES Medical works with your practice to ensure your PHI is safe and that your technology system is designed to meet your specific requirements. Our IT team delivers a Security Analysis that is tailored to your practice size, specialty, and exact needs.

    The IT Security Analysis package can include any or all of the following:

    • An evaluation of your entire IT system including reviewing network infrastructure and software applications, auditing your physical location security, password policy security, workstation security, access and authorization of network users, data and device encryption, data transmission security, data storage security, and disposal of devices, media, and data.
    • We will present all findings in a comprehensive IT security analysis report which includes recommendations to increase your practice’s IT security.
    • Once your practice chooses to implement the IT security recommendations, our professional IT team can either implement the changes or work with your IT team to execute changes. Upon completion, we will conduct a final review and issue a report outlining the changes that have been made.
    • We will provide continuous support to your IT staff while implementing the necessary changes suggested in the report. As needed, we can provide training for your IT staff with new software, hardware, and policies that are outlined in the report. If new software or hardware is required, we can provide recommendations and assist with purchasing.
    • We will provide your IT staff with a maintenance schedule when key requirements need to be met.
    • We can provide a Security Assessment Management program which includes continuous audits and monitoring of your IT system to ensure continued compliance.