Cloud Services


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    ACES Medical

    ACES Medical can help medical practices utilize cloud managed services for production servers and disaster recovery solutions. If your practice chooses to utilize a cloud managed services vendor such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or another third party solution, it is imperative that you deploy all production and disaster recovery services in a manner that conforms with IT best practices and meets all HIPAA compliance requirements.

    ACES Medical can provide your practice with the following services to ensure your cloud solution is HIPAA compliant and deployed to meet IT best practices:

    • Cost analysis between different third party hosting platforms to determine which will provide the best performance for the cost to your practice and its unique needs.
    • Setup, optimization, and maintenance of web servers.
    • Installation and deployment of all web servers, virtual servers, and databases.
    • Recommendations for all firewalls and other web service security devices.
    • Installation, support, and maintenance of your practice’s online backup solution of client data.
    • Monthly hardware utilization metrics.
    • Monthly strategic plan for hardware resource growth.