According to ForeScout researches, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices lack some of the very basic cybersecurity proprieties which means these devices can be hacked – in under three minutes. ForeScout researchers also discovered that once compromised, these devices can be nearly impossible to repair and often have to be returned to their manufacturer for reformatting. In a similar vein, often these devices operate with out-of-date firmware which creates a backdoor hackers can utilize to gain entry and launch an attack.

For the healthcare industry, this may have huge implications. ForeScout Chief Strategy Offer Pedro Abreu said, “IoT is the new frontier of attack where we’re going to start seeing a rapid increase in these attacks. Healthcare organizations have been very focused on protecting traditional IT, spending millions of dollars to secure its systems. But it leaves an open door with IoT devices – although it’s meant to be a secure system.”

Albreu further explained that while IoT devices may seem insignificant in terms of security, IoT devices can be how hackers can entry to the whole network, entire systems, and patient records. Within most IoT devices are mini computers with a lot of capabilities. Albreu says that hackers break into IoT devices, not to steal information, but to use it as a control point.