A week after the implementation of ICD-10, SERMO asked its members whether the medical coding transition was taking away time from patient care. An overwhelming 86% of responders reported that ICD-10 was taking away time from patient care. The remaining 14% did not feel as though ICD-10 was impacting patient care. Some additional ICD-10 insight SERMO provided courtesy of survey responders was:

Wait times to get through to insurances companies is hours.

Personnel at the insurance companies do not know how to answer ICD-10 related questions. Instead, the answer is to submit the claim and wait.

Providers are playing the waiting game to see if claims are paid.

“I used to enter my own charges. I quit on October 1st and now my biller is doing it. I used to bill every day… we are now 3 days behind.”

Has ICD-10 impacted your practice’s patient care?