What comes to mind when I throw out the word outsourcing? Most likely you start thinking about outsourcing laborious tasks to other countries so big companies can save money. But this is a gross generalization of what outsourcing is and what it can do for a company. A growing number of medical facilities are outsourcing their recruiting efforts. The reasons why may surprise you.

Better quality candidates:
This is one of the major reasons why medical facilities outsource their recruiting. Recruiting firms can cast a wider net into the candidate pool by connecting with more physician databases and by launching marketing campaigns via social media, email, letters, and phone calls. In addition, recruiting firms are focused solely on recruiting and are able to spend 90-99% of their time just on finding that perfect candidate.

Reduced costs:
Recruiting firms are often able to fill positions faster than in-house efforts. For medical facilities with high turnover or positions that remain open for a long time, outsourced recruiting may actually save costs. Outsourced recruiting can eliminate headhunter fees, reduce the amount of time it takes to make a hire, and streamline the hiring process.

A recruiting firm is able to scale their efforts quickly and effectively. For growing medical practices, outsourcing recruitment allows new hires to be found on tighter schedules and keeps other critical internal processes from being overlooked.

A tough and sometimes ignored part of the recruiting process is Equal Employment Opportunity compliance tracking. Recruiting firms are very familiar with EEO compliance and will employ the use of an applicant tracking system to run the necessary reports quickly and accurately.

While outsourcing recruitment may not be best for everyone, it definitely warrants some consideration, research, and discussion. Take an honest look at how much time and money you spend on recruitment now and then jot down a quick pros and cons list. The results may surprise you!