GE Centricity CPS


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    ACES Medical

    ACES Medical is proud to partner with GE Healthcare to provide GE Centricity Practice Solution (CPS) to our clients. CPS is a single database, single solution for medical practices that cohesively combines two crucial healthcare technologies – electronic medical records (EMR) to manage your patient data and practice management (PM) to manage the monetary components of your clinic. Necessities such as patient registration, patient charts, billing, and claims are in one cohesive system allowing everyone in your office access to near real-time data, providing you the ability to make better informed decisions. In the combined system, CPS only creates one data set per patient and is able to create an intuitive dashboard to help you streamline tasks and evaluate your practice’s overall health. CPS is built to enhance patient care, streamline practice operations, and reduce operating costs. CPS meets the latest Meaningful Use criteria.

    Other features and benefits of CPS include:

    • Create consistent workflows as patient data flows smoothly throughout your entire practice. CPS utilizes an intuitive system of data entry, finding, and sharing designed by physicians.
    • CPS will save your staff time with electronic data tracking and charting. Drag and drop scheduling makes scheduling and changing patient appointments easy.
    • Data entry is quicker, easier, and information is more readily available allowing your staff to spend more time with patients, simultaneously increasing patient satisfaction.
    • Intelligent decision support tools bring critical information to the forefront to facilitate informed decision making. CPS is always on the lookout for drug interactions and formulary information with ePrescribe.
    • Better manage your revenue stream by viewing up to date information on accounts receivable, insurance claims, and billing so you can make knowledge based decisions for your practice. Use live data to view the health of your practice and discover ways to reduce costs and inefficiencies.
    • Insurance claims are processed quicker through the combined CPS system versus a one system solution.
    • The optional patient communication portal is a secure, easy way for patients to communicate with your practice to request medication refills, ask prescription-related questions, schedule appointments, and online bill pay.
    • CPS utilizes a database of 20 million de-identified patients called the Medical Quality Improvement Consortium (MQIC) to help you make better patient care decisions. MQIC allows you to make determinations based on current, relevant data as well as compare your practice with others to ensure quality care and achieve pay-for-performance initiatives.
    • CPS can help your practice achieve Meaningful Use standards through ePrescribe, patient portal, and secure messaging.

    ACES Medical will review your current EMR and PM system with you to ensure seamless alignment with CPS. ACES Medical is a partner though the whole process – installation, hosting, and continuing support. Our help desk is available to assist with anything from basic questions to further customization of your CPS to ensure you make the most of your investment.