The completion of medical record requests by patients and referring providers takes up a lot of staff time. For most medical providers, this is a manual process using fax and inefficient workflows. Overworked staff lose hours of valuable time faxing out information and entering records from other providers.

ACES Medical is attending the GE Centricity LIVE Conference in Boston, MA in May 2017. During this visit, ACES Medical is showcasing its automated medical records request solution to medical professionals, allowing them to see its time-saving benefits first-hand.

ACES Medical’s Automated Medical Request Solution frees up staff time through streamlining these common requests. When a patient asks for their medical records, a staff member sets a flag in the patient’s chart. Through automation and with ACES Medical staff, all medical record requests are compiled and sent to the patient. The patient gets their medical records in a secure HIPAA compliant form, such as through the practice’s patient portal or an encrypted CD.

Referring providers typically fax over a patient’s chart when they send them over to your medical facility for services. ACES Medical puts this record into GE Centricity automatically, without requiring the staff’s time and attention. ACES Medical staff also sets a flag in the patient’s chart or sends out an alert so the provider knows these documents are available for review. Finally, the referring doctor receives back your practice’s chart notes and other information relevant to their patient. Without this coordination between providers, patients could experience lower quality of care or providers might detect problems later. Everyone benefits through a streamlined information sharing process.

Medical providers and their staff work long hours and often lack the resources they need to address patient concerns in the time they have available. ACES Medical’s Automated Medical Request Solution eliminates one of the biggest drains on the schedule. Interested medical professionals can get a first-hand look at this solution during the demo at GE Centricity LIVE Conference and get the chance to ask questions about whether it would be a good fit for their practices.