According to the Protenus Breach Barameter, the number of breach incidents rose 60% in November compared to October. In fact, November has seen the highest number of breaches so far this year. The report found that 47 of the incidents reported resulted in a total of 448,639 breached records. The largest single incident in November involved 170,000 patient records. This incident was due to a third party insider error.

The report found that the biggest cause of these breaches were employees, or insiders, who caused 54% of the incidents. Seventeen of the insider breaches were a result of error but 14 were caused by wrongdoings. Only nine breaches in November were caused by hacking, in October there were 14 hacking incidents. Of the nine hacking incidents in November, three were caused by ransomware and one was extortion by TheDarkOverLord.

In November, it took 135 days (on average) from the time the breach was noticed to when the breach was reported to the Department of Health and Human Services. The report found that 60% of the breached entities took longer than the required 60-day windows to report the breach.