The Centricity Practice Solution is a fully integrated medical IT solution designed to help the healthcare industry enhance clinical and financial productivity. The training system was created to work as a single fully integrated unit, although the modules can be used independently.

The key to GE Centricity Training is understanding how it will be used in the real world.

1. Apply Real-Life Examples

The training must use examples of real-life situations. Participants may understand the basic mechanics of an action, but they may not know how to use it in practice. Successful Centricity Software Training requires trainees to actually see and use the features of the program as they would in a real-life setting. This can be accomplished by using simulated files to practice the features being taught.

2. Recognize and Repair Mistakes

Staff and providers must recognize and repair their own mistakes. Successful Centricity Software Training requires staff and providers to examine the cause and effect of actions they take. Nobody likes making mistakes, but they are an important part of the learning process and can be very useful learning tools that help the learner gain a deeper understanding of the feature being taught.

3. Hands-On Interaction With the Software

Interaction with GE Centricity software and the trainer keeps trainees engaged, which can make learning more enjoyable. Veteran employees are able to pass on years of knowledge and experience and staff and providers can use on-the-spot demonstrations to show how well they are absorbing the information.

4. Plenty of Practice

Students should be provided with hands-on practice after live demonstrations. Centricity Practice Solution training with live demonstrations really grab the attention of staff and providers. They are one of the best ways to teach employees how to use GE Centricity. When combined with a question and answer period, this is a powerful and engaging way to learn new software and to understand HIPAA compliance requirements.

5. Multimedia Training Materials

Multimedia training materials are the new, more effective way of learning. They are more advanced and sophisticated than text-only versions. Reading page after page of text tends to bore staff and providers, which may mean they don’t absorb as much information. Multimedia includes stimulating graphics, videos, animation and audio. This combination tends to be more challenging and provocative, which in turn holds the staff and provider’s attention longer. The cost of these Centricity Software Training materials are higher than their simpler counterparts, but it may well be worth the price in the long run.