You’ve taken the required classes, gotten certified, got a job, and are living the medical billing/coding dream! Now what? Well, now you become the best medical biller or coder possible! Here are four tips to help you stay in the game:

Make a list of your most commonly used CPT and diagnosis codes:
Make a list of the 10 or 20 CPT codes you use the most and have that list is an easily assessable place. Maybe in a drawer, on your desk, or a sticky note next to your monitor. Now these codes can be used with just a quick glance. And for some extra credit, figure out what those same CPT codes would be in ICD-10 and start getting familiar with the new coding system.

Brush up on your medical terminology:
Take the time to get really familiar with the medical terminology of your office. If you work within a specialty, great! If not, think about what phrases and terms you see the most and start there. This extra bit of knowledge will help you code better as well as explain billing issues with patients and/or payers.

Review payer contracts:
Pour yourself that extra cup of coffee and read through your payer contracts. If your contracts are multi-year, it might be behoove you touch base with them once a year or so. If your contracts change more frequently, make sure you read and understand each revision. This will help you be aware of the physician and practice’s legal obligations, the agreed upon reimbursement terms, and any payer-specific nuisances.

Stay on top of industry news:
With the recent whirlwind of healthcare changes, make sure to stay informed about all the changes that may or not take place. Pay special attention to changes that affect current rules and regulations to make sure
you bill or code to the best of your ability.

These are four simple things you can do to make sure you’re staying on top of your game. Remember, you are a vital member to your practice as you directly affect cash flow. Follow these four tips to increase your and your practice’s success!