So you bought an EHR system to get a heads start on this whole “meaningful-use-incentive-thingy” but now it’s 2014 and your system is lagging behind. If you’re thinking about replacing it, make sure to spend some time doing research about not only the different software options but also the different vendors that are out there. Start the conversations and the research now. And ask yourself these questions:

What is my current system lacking that I must have the second time around?

What features of my current EHR do I never want to see again?

Is my current vendor’s service meeting my needs? Do I need a new vendor or just new software?

How will my data migrate between different software platforms?
Will the new software I’m considering grow with me? Can it evolve to handle future MU stages?

How is my current EHR impeding our goal progress?

How is my current EHR affecting workflow and what features would lessen this?

What sort of contracts are in place that may prevent me from changing software without huge penalties? If changing vendors, when is my current contract up?

What is my EHR replacement budget?

Given my budget, are my expectations for a second EHR system reasonable?

What features on my wish list can I do without if needed?
Honestly, the list of questions could continue forever. Coordinating the switch from one EHR system to another can be just as difficult (if not more so) than your original implementation. Take the time to analyze both your current software and vendor to decide whether both need to go or just one. This is the time to get it right.